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My Top Ten Pet Peeves as an Adopt Creator

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 12:14 PM
I've been making adoptables for some years now, and I've been through the highs and lows of it all. So I decided to compose my top ten list of my pet peeves as an adoptable creator and somebody who is a part of the adoptable community. 

1. Timewasters - These are the people who tell you they want an adopt, then never get back to you. When they do, they then tell you they don't want the adopt anymore, or could never afford it in the first place. When I make adopts, I strive to get them sold as fast as possible.

2. Adoptable Thieves - I don't think I've ever had a run in with an adopt thief, but there's always the fear that my adopts could easily be reuploaded to another account, and somebody else made a profit out of them. 

3. People seriously undervaluing their adopts - Okay so this one really can't be helped. The cheaper you make your adopts, the easier it is to get them sold. That's common knowledge as everyone loves a bargain. However, because of this, those that buy adopts search for the cheapest, yet highest quality adopts they can find. Most aren't prepared to pay $10, and are still searching for a 5 point rainbow cat. So why is this a peeve? You could make high quality adopts that are well worth $10-$20, but if you don't have a doting and devoted audience, they may never get sold.

4. People who don't read the rules - If you've been a follower of my adopts for some time now, you'd have probably noticed that when you pay for them, you pay on the deviation. Why? I get actual money this way, and the customer still gets to pay with points. Yet I still get people sending me points manually. Points like that are pretty much worthless to me. I can't do anything with them, because I don't want to buy other adopts. The most I can do is give them away or top up my premium membership. 

5.  "Can we trade?" - This sort of ties in to the previous one. I make adopts to earn a quick buck and to fund my other hobbies. The only thing I want to trade is your points for my adopt that I'm selling. 

6. People complaining that their adopts aren't selling - In the past (more specifically on my old account) I got a lot of questions regarding how I got my adopts sold. There are many factors that could contribute to your lack of sales, but complaining isn't going to fix any of them. Join heaps of adopt groups and post your adopts to every single group. Make sure your adopts aren't overly simple. Make them unique, but make sure the colours work nicely together. Honestly, the "woe is me" thing really turns me off from your work. You need some confidence!

7. ADOPTS THAT BLIND THE EYES - I can forgive this one if the creator of the adopts are young and inexperienced, but honestly it isn't difficult to learn the basics of colour theory. There are thousands of tutorials here on deviantart, and there are plenty of websites dedicated to colour palettes. I went through a phase where I only just started out and all my adopts were just random colours slapped together on a dog. I used to sell them for 2 points each. I have no idea how they'd sell. Maybe it was because they were cheap...

8. Using the first 20 colour schemes you find on - That website is a life saver, but I also feel like it's a little bit at fault. I keep seeing adopts that use the same colour schemes over and over again, and guess what? They're all from the first page of the most loved palettes on If you're going to use that website, PLEASE dig a little deeper. There are over 200,000 pages of palettes. 

9. Creativity block - This is more so a peeve within myself that I hate. I think everyone can relate to the dreaded block, whether it be art block, music block, writers block, etc. The worst block for adoptable creators is when you can't think of something people will like. Or your adopts look too bland and simple. Sometimes people like simple, and that's okay, but I feel harsh when charging somebody over a dollar for a little girl wearing a basic t-shirt and shorts.

10.  The same bases being used over and over - I'm talking about the masses that use free bases that are on the first page of deviantart when you search "free dog base" or whatever. Seriously, splash out and support some artists, and purchase a few pay to use bases. Your adopts will stand out because they'll already seem more unique, plus you're funding that artist and giving them free advertisement every time you use their base. 

Sorry if this seemed suuuper whiny, but I just wanted to get this off my chest. Who knows, maybe it'll help people to create better adopts. 
Emoji03 by Emoji-icon Bye bye~

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